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Why We Need Mentoring Programs

  • On their first day, first year music teachers are expected to do the same job as experienced teachers.

  • Because of the placement of music classrooms and rehearsal spaces, music teachers are frequently isolated from their peers for the majority of the workday, thus preventing the natural induction process.

  • Novice teachers are reluctant to ask for help for fear of appearing incompetent. Experienced teachers are reluctant to offer help for fear of appearing to interfere.

  • Novice teachers frequently get extremely difficult teaching and directing assignments that would challenge even the best veteran teachers.

  • Novice teachers develop coping strategies to help them survive in the classroom, and these strategies may be the very ones that prevent them from becoming effective teachers.

  • Novice teachers need someone to listen to their concerns and share their elations.

  • It is best practice.

  • PI 34 requires it!  

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